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Homoeopathy is a dynamic, holistic, scientific and philosophical system of constitutional medicine & individualistic drug therapeutics, based on the law of similars, with the potentiality of cure in cases that are curable and relieves symptoms in incurable cases.

The therapeutic system of Homoeopathy was developed by SAMUEL HAHNEMANN, a German Physician (1755-1843)-more than 200 years ago, is still valid & most widespread in Indian Sub-continent. Effectiveness in many challenging problems is the only reason of its existence today.

This system is based on the principle of ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’-Law of similars, which means – Let like be treated by likes. It signifies a system of treatment in which the prescription is based on the similarity of symptoms of the patient, to those of a drug as obtained during proving of the drug on healthy human beings. If one or two symptoms of a patient are similar to a particular drug without covering the totality at the same time, the drug cannot cure the patient but relieves temporally, being unable to remove the root cause of disease.

Similarity of the totality of symptoms includes the similarity of constitution, modalities, fundamental, exciting & maintaining causes as well. It does not mean the similarity of drug with a nosological disease condition. During drug proving there are no nosological states, but states prior to them. In materia medica there is only, the picture of the beginning of disease conditions & not the gross Pathological diseases, mentioned in the practice of medicine or pathology. If remedies are directed towards the ultimate of disease-gross pathological changes, it will not have desired effects.



1) Law of Similars – is the guide to prescribe in curable as well as incurable cases.
2) Law of Simplex – Only one single, medicine must be used at a time and there is no scope of polypharmacy.
3) Law of Minimum- The dose should be minimum, to stimulate the human organism & to produce perceptible change & it varies in each patient.
4) Principle of Drug-proving – To know the therapeutic properties of a drug, drug is administered to good number of healthy individuals (experimentally) & the symptoms are recorded & one gains the inner nature of the drugs & the same is clinically verified on sick.
5) Principle of Drug-dynamisation – The medicines are not prescribed on physiological dose, but potentised medicines are used to cure diseased individuals.
6) Principle of Chronic diseases – Chronic diseases are caused by predisposing factors (miasms), which debilitate the life force (vital force) of an individual.
7) Principle of Vital Force – Homoeopathy believes in the existence of a force, which animates the human organism & the harmonious functioning of the body is because of its equilibrium.


Disease is an evolutionary phenomenon. The process of disease formation begins at the dynamic level and follows through functional & structural state of degeneration.

Health is the balanced state of body & mind of an individual. During health, one has normal sensations & functions because both body & mind work in a harmonious way. Human being comprises multidimensional levels – physical, mental & emotional & slight disturbance at any level causes ripples of effect, to flow both ways.

Homoeopathic Medicines offer support to the body’s natural defensive mechanism & cure the disease permanently. The entire body must be treated so that it can do its own correction of metabolism & reestablishing natural function.

The potentized Homoeopathic medicine due to their infinitesimal light isotopic forms are capable of penetrating the chromosome level & exert their corrective influence on the defective genes. There are about 1600 human diseases, which have been caused by defects in the expression of the genetic information in DNA molecule. Gene mutation although they are not fully understood but they are supposed to cause by some ultra-microscopic events of molecular or sub molecular motion & any agent that can penetrate to the chromosome, is believed to exert its influence into the genetic information.

Homoeopathy has its limitations, like other Systems of Medicine. The response in Homoeopathy depends upon Remedy image clarity, Defensive mechanism of the body, Type of disease & Prior treatments patient had. The effectiveness of Homoeopathic treatment is a highly individualized matter & multiple factors are contributing.

Symptom – Similarity, Singly medicine, Potentized form & minimum dose- all these together constitute Homoeopathy. It is not a patching job, but it is holistic regeneration.

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