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*अर्निका मोन्टाना :– माँसपेशियों में खिंचाव,पुरानीचोट,मोच /दर्द में लगाने हेतु एक प्रभावकारी दर्दनिवारक होम्योपैथिक औषधि (बाहरी उपयोग के लिए)


*Very Effective           *No extra cost (30 gm packing)

*Excellent Quality     *Better Absorption 

*Non Greasy              *Easily washable.


“For Muscular Pain & Sprains”        

COMPOSITION:- Arnica Montana Ø 10%w/w, Cream Base q.s., it contains alcohol from the ingredients.

INDICATION :- Muscular pain due to traumatic injuries,bruises, sprain.

DIRECTION :- Wash with water/mild soap/Mop dry/ PDP ANTISEPTIC SPRAY Rub cream on the skin with circular motion of finger tips or as directed by the Physician.

  (For External Use Only)


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